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A 'Class' of Damsels by MegatronResurrected A 'Class' of Damsels :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 111 3 Re-Classing To Damsel by MegatronResurrected Re-Classing To Damsel :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 132 1 Work and Romance NEVER Works by MegatronResurrected Work and Romance NEVER Works :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 17 0 Bounty Hunted by MegatronResurrected Bounty Hunted :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 14 0 Love Is Written On The Wall by MegatronResurrected Love Is Written On The Wall :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 20 1 Blowing In The Wind by MegatronResurrected Blowing In The Wind :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 24 0 Kaguya by MegatronResurrected Kaguya :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 2 0 Senryu the Outcast Prince by MegatronResurrected Senryu the Outcast Prince :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 4 0 Vermillion, The Beast Hunter by MegatronResurrected Vermillion, The Beast Hunter :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 3 0 New OC: Rachelle the Dragoon by MegatronResurrected New OC: Rachelle the Dragoon :iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 1 1
Naruto Shippuden: Wrapped Up In Your Work 8
Hinata stood against the wall, standing very still and holding her breath.  Nervously, she peered out down the hallway to see if the boy was following her.  ‘Oh Naruto’, Hinata said with a quivering voice.  ‘What should I do…I need to warn Tsunade about this, but I can’t just leave him to…ah!’.  Hinata pulled back behind the wall as she caught a glimpse of the boy at the end of the hall. She began to tremble, breathing hard and shaking.
‘You can’t hide from me’, the boy said with a cocky chuckle.  ‘I can sense your chakra, not to mention you’re whimpering like an infant’.  The boy turned the corner to the next part of the hall, but Hinata was gone.  ‘What?’, the boy said in disbelief, failing to notice Hinata was now standing on a wood beam under the ceiling above him.  ‘I can still sense her chakra here, where did she…ugh!’.  Hinat
:iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 11 3
Naruto Shippuden: Wrapped Up In Your Work 7
Temari reared back with her fan and swung with all her might as Anbu hurled a barrage of bandages at her.  With a quick swing she sent the bandages flying to every corner of the room.  Anbu stood in shock, amazed that such a young woman could deflect her attack.
‘Interesting’, Anbu said with a surprised but intrigued tone.  ‘I didn’t expect you to be able to deflect that.  You’re far more skilled than you appear to be’.  Anbu picked a bandage up from the floor and re-attached it to his arm.  ‘But you cannot withstand me, I have defeated many ninja far more powerful than you’.
‘Oh I’m full of surprises’, Temari said with a smirk as she slung her fan over her shoulder.  ‘Why don’t you try that move again, I’ll show you some other skills’.  Temari felt confident in her strength, having managed to deflect Anbu’s attack.  She stepped back and looked to
:iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 11 1
Bleach: Halloween Havoc Part 2
Heineko dashed through the treetops as she rushed back into the Seiretei, her form illuminated against the treetops by the moonlight.  
‘I have to beat that little know-it-all’, Heineko thought to herself as she reached a roof on the outskirts of town.  ‘There’s no way I’m gonna let her show me up on this’.  Heineko leaped down onto the street and observed her surroundings.  ‘Damn’, Heineko said with a realization.  ‘Everyone’s probably asleep at this point because it’s so late.  Where the hell am I gonna find someone…’.  
Heineko walked up and down the streets for several minutes, frustrated at the fact that the entire town seemed to be deserted.  ‘Damn it, I’ve gotta find somebody before that little smart-ass does, I’m not gonna let her beat me!  Maybe I’ll just check the squad barracks…’.  Heineko made her way to the sq
:iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 4 0
Bleach: Halloween Havoc Part 1.
Heineko sat against the wall staring out a window, yawning in boredom.  ‘Every time we get near a holiday everything shuts down’, Heineko said with disdain.  ‘What the hell is this ‘Halloween’ celebration even supposed to be?’.
‘Somehow I’m not at all surprised that you have no comprehension of it’, Tobiume said as she walked into the small hut.  ‘Halloween is a human tradition that involves celebrations and elaborate costumes and ceremonies remembering the dead and departed’.
‘And that’s something important to us why?”, Heineko asked, annoyed at the concept.  ‘We’re already in the spirit world, and face it we already dress pretty fancy’.
‘Yes, a furry bra and a pair of underwear is certainly what I would call a refined and elegant clothing choice’, Tobiume said with exasperation.  ‘I mean elaborate as in fancy and exotic, dressing up like ani
:iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 3 1
Naruto Shippuden: Wrapped Up In Your Work 6
Naruto looked over the small wrapped orb that Hinata had handed to him.  It seemed odd to him that Ino would give him such an odd gift, especially with the way she'd been acting all night.  'And you're sure Ino wanted me to have this?', Naruto asked Hinata with a sense of confusion.  Hinata simply nodded in response.  'Alright, I guess we might as well find out what this thing is'.  Naruto slowly began to unwrap the orb-shaped gift.  He finished unwrapping the packaging, only to find that it was still wrapped in what looked like bandages underneath.  'What the?', Naruto yelled as he picked up the covered orb.  'Is this Ino's idea of a joke'?
'I don't know', Hinata said in confusion as she took the orb from Naruto.  Hinata poked her finger into the orb and realized there was nothing inside it, it was just an orb of bandages wrapped over and over again.  'I don't get it', she said confused, 'it looks like a ball of bandages wrapped over a
:iconmegatronresurrected:MegatronResurrected 15 2
Naruto Shippuden: Wrapped Up In Your Work 5
Tsunade was slumped back in her chair, her head tilted towards the ceiling.  She had already fallen asleep before Shizune had even shut the door.  She was a heavy sleeper to begin with, but after the exhaustion that had come with the events of the evening nothing short of her office being blown into the river was going to rouse her from her slumber.  'Some...sometimes kids...' she mumbled like gibberish in her sleep.  'Sometimes kids just...aren't...worth...trouble;...
Ino made her way to the exit of the building, walking out the front door.  'I suppose I should head down to the medical tent for a checkup, so as not to arouse suspicions', Ino said in her now-typical lifeless tone.  'I can't afford for anyone to start questioning my reasons for being here'.  Ino began walking towards the street, stopping to turn back for a moment.  'Make sure to keep an eye on her for me', Ino said to Shizune, who was still standing in the doorway.  'I believ
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Ive been browsing through Deviantart lately and noticed a lot of people have been having contests and the like.

I like the idea behind contests/competitions that sort of thing because I think it fosters a sense of connection/interaction with the particular section of the art community that each of us feels we associate with on a site like Deviantart.

Anyway, enough with philosophy.  As I said, I've been browsing around a bit and I've been entertaining the idea of holding an art contest similar to the one PrincessSarah16 is holding right now.

The idea isn't finalized yet (Details, etc).  But there would be monetary prizes for participating.

Im just curious if any of my watchers/anyone my watchers might know:  Would you be interested in participating in such a contest?

Im just looking for feedback so I know whether or not this would be a worthwhile venture, any opinions/ideas would be appreciated.
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